Crossed In Parts
At Least Both Your Parents are Brown
In the Negative
Cosmic Fluff
El Poncho de Andy
Across_3: Post-Party
Loom with Textile (After Juanita)
Across: Fleeced
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Bridge (Detail)
Urban Primitive
Across: Fleeced

2019, 108" x 96" x 5," Handspun, undyed and acid dyed, industrially spun sheep and goat wool; acrylic, cotton, nylon, novelty, rayon yarn; wool and synthetic fleece and felt; sari silk; artist’s hair spun with wool; leather from Yasmin leather in Hollywood, CA; Punjabi suit from artist’s grandmother; felted wool sweaters from artist’s mother, father, and brother; digital-hand loomed jacquard fabric; found coaxial and HDMI cable; found metal and plastic loom bars; chains; zip ties.