Crossed In Parts
At Least Both Your Parents are Brown
In the Negative
Cosmic Fluff
El Poncho de Andy
The Woman He Saw in All the Women of Mexico
Loom with Textile (After Juanita)
Across: Fleeced
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Bridge (Detail)
Urban Primitive
© Kira Dominguez Hultgren 2020
Across: Fleeced

2019, 108" x 96" x 5," Handspun, undyed and acid dyed, industrially spun sheep and goat wool; acrylic, cotton, nylon, novelty, rayon yarn; wool and synthetic fleece and felt; sari silk; artist’s hair spun with wool; leather from Yasmin leather in Hollywood, CA; Punjabi suit from artist’s grandmother; felted wool sweaters from artist’s mother, father, and brother; digital-hand loomed jacquard fabric; found coaxial and HDMI cable; found metal and plastic loom bars; chains; zip ties.